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Kedai Kopi Baru Bar Lok Yuen @ Pasir Putih, Sandakan

18 Jan

Dear Food lovers,

Kedai Kopi Baru Bar Lok Yuen is a small size restaurant located in Pasir Putih.
Another restaurant my colleague insisted that we should try. This restaurant is family-type business. Business was passed down from father to son. They serve a variety of home made buns, tapioca cake, cheese cake and instant noodles for patrons who decided to drop by for a quick break.
We ordered their renowned signature dishes that are the red bean paste bun with kaya and butter and peanut bun with kaya and butter.
It does sound abit weird to have a mixture of kaya and red bean though we usually have kaya and butter or kaya and peanut in my hometown but not kaya and red bean but we decided to give it a try since my colleague recommended it. So the buns arrived and were sliced up equally for sharing. As I took my first bite, the red bean and kaya paste that was spread across the bun with a layer of thick butter were oozing out both end of the bun. The paste was practically dripping off as I was gobbling the remainders.  It tasted so luscious but at the same time the word ‘fat’ kept appearing in my head and an inner voice kept reminding me that I’m on a diet.  Oh well I guess this means I’ve got to increase my gym frequency for the next month.

Red Bean Paste Bun with Kaya & Butter

Peanut Paste Bun with Kaya & Butter

Taste: 4/5
Cleanliness: 2/5
Customer Service: 3/5

Address:- Pasir Putih,  Jalan Bokara, Sandakan

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