Sushi Train @ Bondi Junction, New South Wales

18 Apr

Dear Food lovers,

From where I was born, there are several Japanese restaurants for a small little city (town). However, not many of these restaurants serve decent sushi. Patrons are paying at an outrageous price for sushi that falls apart after dipping into the soy sauce platter.

This is definitely my most desired spot to satisfy my utmost sushi cravings.  This little sushi train outlet is the busiest sushi train outlet I reckon due to its capacity (20 patrons max) and is located just across the road from Westifield Bondi Junction. So it is usually a fair bit wait during peak hours. Many customers who couldn’t wait will usually end up having take-away. Customers normally do not linger around after their meals, so the turnover of seats is quite fast.
This joint used to only employ Japanese staffs and chefs, providing a Japanese culture atmosphere, however things have changed. There are very few Japanese employees left and now we have a mixture of Japanese, Chinese and Indonesian employees. Nevertheless, the standard of sushi’s here are still very well maintained.

This is at 2pm... non-peak hour and yet there is still a queue.

Prices vary according to their colour plates. The usual sushi train rules.

Aburi Salmon Sushi @ AUD 4.50 - Torch grilled salmon with mayo and secret sauce. Epic.

Grilled Scallops Sushi @ AUD 5.50.

Unagi (Eel) Sushi @ AUD 5.50.

Inari @ AUD 3.50.

Chicken Avocado & Creame Cheese @ AUD 3.50.

My all time favourite platter, Teriyaki Chicken & Avocado Roll @ AUD 4.00. Selling like hot cakes as they do run out of this occasionally. Demand greater than Supply.

Ebi Fry Roll @ AUD 5.50 - comes with a distinct spicy creamy dip.

Salmon Sashimi @ AUD 5.50.

Takoyaki Balls - AUD 4.00.

Cooly Roll @ AUD 5.00.

Chocolate Mousse @ AUD 4.50 - rich and creamy mousse with chocolate sponge.

Chefs are constantly making fresh sushi. Old ones are thrown away and replaced by the fresh ones.

I came, I saw, I conquered - Julius Caesar.

Taste: 5/5
Customer Service: 5/5
Ambiance: 4/5
Address: 193 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction, NSW 2022
Contact: +61 2 9387 3774


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