Chefs Gallery @ George Street, Sydney

18 Apr

Dear Food lovers,

The Chefs Gallery opened sometime September 2011. My sister did mentioned to me about this place even before I arrive in Sydney.  Apparently food was lovely and flavoursome so it was worth bringing Mum & Dad to try.
We were told that the joint is usually packed with customers therefore it is necessary to make reservations a day or two in advance. We manage to book in for dinner on Thursday night and on that same week, my bestie Lynsa made dinner reservation to dine at that same restaurant. So I will be combining all the photos under one post instead of posting the same thing twice.

Chefs Gallery is owned by an entrepreneurial name Kaisern Ching, who brought successful Taipei-based global noodle chain Din Tai Fung to World Square, Sydney. Rumours has it that he was not in good terms with the existing shareholders of Din Tai Fung, so he left and came up with Chefs Gallery, thus you will notice the similarity in some of their dishes.

Many restaurants these days have tried removing the barrier between the chefs and their customers, allowing the customers to see the skills involve in preparing the food as some sort of entertainment or performance. Many have adopted this concept and Chefs Gallery is one of the many that have implemented the concept and successfully attracted many customers.

Front Entrance.

Bars along the glass window kitchen, the usual wooden dinning tables and chairs in the middle and the slightly more comfy dinning couches on the other side.

Bar seating by the kitchen, watching the chefs fiddling and stretching the hand made noodles.

Chef WOK-ing hard.

One does the handmade noodles and passes to the next chef to cook the noodles to ensure absolute freshness.

Tataki Wagyu with a Sichuan style spicy dressing @ AUD 15.90.

Noodles with shitake mushrooms and golden fried shallots in premium soya sauce served room temperature @ AUD 10.90.

Fresh Pear Juice to sooth your throat - recommended by Lynsa.

Small plate of pan fried scallops served with a garlic and oil free vinaigrette dressing @ AUD 24.90

Eggplant served with a tangy minced pork sauce @ AUD 15.90.

One of my recommended dish for Peking duck lovers - Shredded Peking duck with cucumber and hoisin sauce rolled inside a fluffy Chinese roti @ AUD 15.90.

Shredded Peking duck with cucumber and hoisin sauce rolled inside a fluffy Chinese roti @ AUD 15.90.

Prawn and pork wonton in a Shanghainese style spicy sauce @ AUD 13.90.

Steamed chicken and shitake mushroom siu mai, topped with a seared scallop and garnished with red flying fish roe @ AUD 15.90.

New Macanese style mini burger filled with pork fillet, lettuce, pork floss and mayo, wholesome and flavoursome @ AUD 13.90.

Golden snow flake chicken - chef's own recipe of lightly crumbed chicken fillet, very crispy, tender and moist. Served with a blueberry sauce @ AUD 10.90.

Wok fried Wagyu beef slices with slivers of water chestnut and fried fritters @ AUD 23.90.

Handmade Spinach noodles wok fried with seafood @ AUD 17.90.

Wok fried medium grain rice served with light crumbed chicken fillet @ AUD 15.90.

Dessert - Cute little PIGS - black sesame bun.

What more may I ask for but a nice companion for dinner. Lynsa is so not ready for this snapshot. Boys, she is still single but... unavailable.

Norm: Something doesn't seem right...
Lynsa: RETAKE!!
LOL. moments we'll never forget.

Taste: 4.5/5
Customer Service: 4/5
Ambiance: 4/5
Address: Shop 12 (facing Bathurst Street), Ground Level Regent Place Shopping Centre, 501 George Street, Sydney NSW, 2000
Contact: +61 2 9267 8877


2 Responses to “Chefs Gallery @ George Street, Sydney”

  1. Anon emus May 14, 2012 at 6:51 pm #

    alot of food for two people?


    • Normy May 17, 2012 at 8:54 pm #

      yes indeed… had a hard time finishing up the goodies.


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