Food Court @ Ngee Ann City & Food Republic @ Vivo City in Singapore

14 Apr

Dear Food lovers,

From my perspective, food court is probably the last place anyone would bring his or her date to. People usually dine at food court when they: –

1. Do not know what to eat?
2. Can’t make up their mind on where to eat?
3. Are on a budget
4. Wanted a quick meal

According to Wiki,
“A food court is generally an indoor plaza or common area within a facility that is contiguous with the counters of multiple food vendors and provides a common area for self-serve dining.
Food courts consist of a number of vendors at food stalls or service counters. Meals are ordered at one of the vendors and then carried to a common dining area. Food is usually eaten with plastic cutlery, and sporks are sometimes used to avoid the necessity of providing both forks and spoons.”

I normally would try to avoid dining in food court at where I work unless one of the reasons as mentioned occur. However in Singapore, it is exceptional. The food courts in Singapore serve a variety of good food. They offer a range of delicacies including authentic Singaporean/Malaysian delicacies, Korean, Japanese and Indian cuisines.

In Singapore, food courts and hawker centers are the people’s main eating choice when dining out… – Wiki

Food Court in Ngee Ann City

Fried Chicken & BBQ Pork Rice.

Turnip Cake/Fried Radish Cake/菜头粿

The making of Durian Pancakes.

Warm Pancakes with Melted Durian Flesh.

The making of Kueh Tutu.

Steaming process of Kueh Tutu.

Kueh Tutu.

Food Republic in Vivo City

The amount of people dining at Food Republic.

Nasi Lemak stall - a variety of side dishes.

Nasi Lemak stall - a variety of side dishes.

At least 20-25 food vendors to choose from. For good food, kindly follow whichever vendor that has the longest queue.

Steamed Sticky Glutinous Rice with Chicken in Lotus Leaf Wrap/糯米鸡/ Lo Mai Gai - classic dimsim dish.

Black Sesame Bun @ SGD 2.20.

Steamed Custard & Egg Bun @ SGD 3.00.

My favourite - Chinatown Tan's Tutu Coconut Cake (Kueh Tutu) @ SGD 0.60 per piece.

Kueh Tutu - Peanut filling.

Kueh Tutu - Coconut Filling.

Kueh Tutu, is a traditional delicacy that originated from Fujian, China. It was named ‘san’ initially which means ‘light cake’ and was sold in slices. After which the kuehs were steamed over wood fire in a device that produce a ‘too-too’ sound when steam blew through it. That was how the cake got its name. In the past, these kuehs were served without fillings. However now, there are varieties of fillings like peanut and coconut. Pandan leaves are placed underneath the cake to enhance it’s fragrance.

Taste: 4/5
Cleanliness: 5/5
Customer Service: 4/5
Ambiance: 4/5


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