Ice Cream Sandwich Waffle @ Orchard Road, Singapore

1 Apr

Dear Food lovers,

There is nothing better than ICE CREAM on a bright and sunny day in Singapore. Since Singapore is just within the neighbourhood of Malaysia, we share the same climate that is the tropical rainforest climate – hot & humid all year round.
When it comes to ice creams, you may come across many commercialize ice creams outlets around the place like New Zealand Natural Ice Cream, Haagen-Dazs, Gelato, Gelatissimo, Gelare, Cold Rock and many more outlets selling above a dollar. However, if you are not too fussy on having a proper place to sit down and leisurely lick your ice cream away. Try these Wall’s ice cream carts available on the stretch of Orchard Road. They sell ice creams in scoops and blocks placed onto cones, bread and waffles at only SGD 1.00. Yes! Only a dollar. Not pulling your leg. I have never missed out on my ice cream servings during my visits to Singapore.
They serve an assorted flavours ranging from traditional flavours (Chocolate, Vanilla, Yam and etc) to exotic flavours (Durian, Peppermint, Blueberry, Raspberry, Double Choc Chip, Mango and etc).

Ice Cream Cart on Orchard Road - there are always people queuing for ice creams.

Serving with plastic gloves to enhance hygiene.

The assorted flavours available to customers. Yum!!

All time favorite - Chocolate flavour block with waffles.

Another Wall's Ice Cream Cart less than 100metres away - they say there is no specific age for retirement in Singapore. Thus this grandpa is still out selling ice creams.

Double Chocolate Chip with Waffles.

Chocolate Brownie with Waffles.

Raspberry Ripple with Waffles.

Yet to try this ice cream sandwich. Assorted traditional flavours served on panda bread for SGD1.00 - click here - photo credit followmefoodie.

Price: SGD 1.00
Taste: 4.5/5
Cleanliness: 4.5/5
Customer Service: 5/5
Address: Every 3-5mins walk on the stretch of Orchard Road.


One Response to “Ice Cream Sandwich Waffle @ Orchard Road, Singapore”

  1. Sharifah April 6, 2012 at 5:17 am #

    This old-fashioned ice-cream is great! Especially the raspberry ripple.:)


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