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Dragon Restaurant (龍子茶餐室) @ Prima Square, Sandakan

18 Jan

Dear Food lovers,

Dragon Restaurant is a small-medium size restaurant located within Prima Square (opposite Bandar Indah).
So after a heavy lunch @ Sim Sim, my colleague drove us to this small-medium size restaurant where he usually have his favourite egg tarts.
Apart from egg tarts, they too serve cheese tarts, sausage bun, cheese sticks, UFO tarts (牛屎塔/Ngao Si Tart), peanut butter bun and etc.
The freshly baked tarts and buns were placed into the visible food shelves where customers make their orders by finger pointing at the specific tarts or buns they desire.  We manage grab a handful of egg tarts, cheese tarts and UFO tarts even when we were bloated from lunch.
The egg tarts were still hot when I had them.  I had to toss and turn the hot silky soft egg custard with my tongue as I took my first big bite.  The outer skin of the tart was thick and crumbly as it holds up the soft and silky egg custard within.  The outer skin of the cheese tarts was comparable to the egg tarts however the paste within had a slight sweet sourish taste to it and a cheesy and sticky texture. Lastly the UFO tarts also known as 牛屎塔 (Cow’s Dung). The creator of this tart probably named the tart after it’s shape, as it resembles the shape of cow’s poop. The poop shape is made of egg white, a very soft, frothy, and fluffy texture. Within the tart you may find a sweet paste made of egg yolk and custard and at the bottom, the tart supported by a soft spongy base.
It tasted so good that I manage to take away a several trays of the varieties and flew them back to my hometown to feed my hungry mates.

Dragon Restaurant (龍子茶餐室) @ Prima Square

Assorted Tarts & Buns

Craving for this! will have you on my next visit!

UFO tarts (牛屎塔/Ngao Si Tart)

Cheese Tarts

Egg Tart

Take away tarts for my food lovers.

Taste: 4/5
Cleanliness: 3/5
Customer Service: 3/5

Address:- Prima Square, Sandakan

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