Dong Zhi/冬至/Winter Solstice Festival

22 Dec

Dear Food lovers,

Today is ‘Dong Zhi‘ festival (冬至), another important festival celebrated by the Chinese apart from Chinese New Year. ‘Dong Zhi‘ literally means the arrival of winter.
During winter, we usually experience weak sunlight and short daylight. Tracing back to the origin, it was quoted that after celebrating the ‘Dong Zhi‘ festival, there will be days with longer hours (longer daylight i presume) thus increasing massive inflow of positive energy.
On this very festival, the Chinese usually meet up with their family to celebrate the good year they have had and at the same time cook and consume what we call ‘Tang Yuan’ (湯圓, glutinous rice balls) that symbolizes unity and harmony within the family.
Back in the good old days, ‘Tang Yuan’ were freshly made on the very day of the festival itself. However nowadays, very few families continue such practice because you may now find instant ‘Tang Yuan’ packets within your everyday Asian grocery store.
‘Tang Yuan’ is made out of rice flour and is usually stuffed with ‘black sesame’, ‘red bean’ or ‘peanut’ paste to make things much savory. It is cooked and served along with a clear soup made of sugar and water and seasoned with pandan leaves (七葉蘭, umbrella tree) and ginger to create a stimulating aroma and sweetish mild taste.

Black Sesame Tang Yuan

Spring Home 湯圓 - THE BEST

Black Sesame & Peanut Paste 湯圓


2 Responses to “Dong Zhi/冬至/Winter Solstice Festival”

  1. KatiesCameraBlog December 22, 2011 at 11:18 am #

    I loved learning about Dong Zhi, which is like our Winter Solstice, as you noted. Thanks so much for sharing and Happy Dong Zhi!


    • Normy December 22, 2011 at 11:21 am #

      No worries, nothing much but just a brief summary of the festival. G’day! 🙂


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